Interview with Patricia Russo, Executive Director of the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University

As NOTA continues to advocate for the creation of effective, competitive third parties, one of the "chicken and egg" variables is the identification and training of third party and independent candidates.  To that end, we are creating videos from past candidates in an effort to educate future candidates on lessons learned from their campaign battles.

We have also discussed on our None Of The Above television show the importance of encouraging more women to run for office.

Earlier this year we learned about an exciting program known as the Women's Campaign School at Yale University; an annual, intensive training program held each June for future candidates and persons interested in campaign management.  It's Executive Director , Patricia Russo, graciously agreed to an interview.

The interview describes the 20+ year history of the school, it's philosophy for candidate training and its programs.   We also interviewed a successful graduate from this year's program (and current candidate for office) and that interview will be available later this year.  Anyone considering a run for office in the future as a third party or independent candidate should visit the school's website and contact Patricia directly.

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