Third Party Spoiler Humor

It has already started. The inevitable trickle of articles and stories attempting to scare voters into thinking that votes for third party candidates are a total waste and, depending on your leanings, will end civilization as we know it because it is an indirect vote to elect either Clinton or Trump. If the polling tightens, the trickle will become a steady stream and the arguments will become all the more obnoxious.

In an attempt to preempt the “spoiler” arguments, a very inventive video is being featured at The video supports Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, but the idea is also very pro-third party. By proposing to equally match R and D voters who are disgusted by their respective party’s candidate, there is cancelling effect and no spoiler impact.

Not sure if the argument sells, but the website has already received almost 7 million views. Even if you factor multiple views - I watched it twice – that is still a lot of activity and it is only late August.

It is also a very funny approach. Third parties need to invoke humor more often, especially given the invective laden discourse coming from the duopoly.

We do not indorse candidates at NOTA, but we definitely endorse the type of messaging presented by Balanced Rebellion and we encourage our viewers to take a peak, or two.

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