The principal focus of Third Party 101 is the creation of effective, competitive political third parties. This section of our website is focused on theories regarding the role third parties can play in minimizing government dysfunction and political polarization in our democratic system . It will also include practical information regarding how third parties can be created, gain ballot access, raise campaign funds and run campaigns.

The same information is relevant to anyone seeking to run as an independent, but outside the umbrella of a particular party.

What is Third Party 101?

Third Party 101 is a section of the website dedicated to identifying and providing

  1. the tools necessary for interested persons to create and develop successful third political parties
  2. Information for third party and independent candidates to gain ballot access and run successful campaigns and
  3. Information to allow visitors to the website to learn about the third party and independent candidates running for political office and who will be on their local ballots.

Talk about Third Parties

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About Third Party 101

This section, Third Party 101, is None of the Above's proposed solution to political dysfunction in the United State.  It's merely one of many proposed solutions.  We welcome including your solution on this site.  Please contact us here to open the discussion.

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