About None of the Above

What is None of the Above?

The purpose of None Of The Above is to identify, discuss and provide solutions for dysfunction and polarization in our political system.

In addition to the materials I wrote above regarding dysfunction and polarization, here is what I currently have on TP 101:

Our site is dedicated to the proposition that ever increasing dysfunction and polarity within our great American experiment in Democracy can be ameliorated with effective, competitive third party politics. Accordingly, Third Party 101 will serve as a comprehensive resource center for all things third party.

We are non-partisan and, as such, do not advocate on behalf of any particular party, causes or ideologies; rather the notion that our democratic process will be better served at all levels of government when

  1. there is enhanced dialog regarding the critical issues of the day
  2. that dialog occurs with a heightened sense of civility and respect and
  3. the system is brought back toward the center.

Notwithstanding, we will present information about third party and independent candidates for political office in an effort to give these candidates an additional platform to present their credentials and message.

Third Party 101 will also serve as a resource for serious discussion of the sources of dysfunction and polarization in American politics and government, while focusing on solutions in addition to emphasis on third party politics.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions to improve our content or presentation