If We Can Put A Man On The Moon…

Author: William Eggers and John O’Leary

“If We Can Put A Man On The Moon…” by William Eggers and John O’Leary was published in 2009.  As the title implies, the book examines why our country was able to achieve an amazing scientific goal while failing in so many other endeavors.  It makes you wonder how the authors would react to the implementation of “Obamacare”, the breakdown of the Veterans Administration health services, the student loan crisis, etc.

When ThirdParty101 and None Of The Above discuss dysfunction and polarization in our political system, we are generally speaking of the legislative and executive branches involvement in the legislative process.  But to many, the real dysfunction lies in the inability of the ”bureaucracy” to function at adequate levels of competency.  If We Can Put A Man On Moon… reminds us of the greatness of our country in having risen to President Kennedy’s challenge while dissecting other events for evidence of both systematic success and failure.

The book lays out a series of “traps” to be avoided and does a nice job of suggesting solution sets to achieve success.  I do not travel much in this genre, so it may not be the best book on the topic.   But I found it very insightful and informative and recommend it to anyone trying to understand why we should and could do better and, as voters, why we should demand better.

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