The Centrist Manifesto

Author: Charles Wheelan

It is hard to not like a book when the author totally agrees with your perspective on the topic. In this case, Charles Wheelan presents the identical case made in my novel, “E Party Volume I: Starting in the Middle”. Most simply put, the country needs an effective competitive third party to avoid the dysfunction and polarization.

However, “The Centrist Manifesto” differs from E Party in two significant respects. TCM focuses its theory on achieving a breakthrough at the Federal level whereas EP focus on state level politics and TCM advances a significant issue platform from which it proposes to create the third party effort.

Charles Wheelan is very accomplished and his book reflects his broad base of experience. He is a published academic, currently teaching at Dartmouth, and also brings the relevant perspective of someone who has run for office. Accordingly, he presents a thoughtful approach to both the problem and the solution.

Particularly well done is his review of “The Best and Worst of the Republicans and the Democrats”. Too often, the major parties fall in love with their positions and, in today’s political environment, refuse to move toward the center. To the contrary, TCM lays out the argument to move to the center.

One of the major differences between TCM and E Party is Professor Wheelan’s willingness to propose issue based solutions. E Party is more focused on process and mapping the strategy for winning the number of legislative seats needed to break the pattern of dysfunction.

TCM presents a very compelling vision for the creation of a third party.

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