Author: Steven Nemerovski

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Reviewed by Kayti Nika Raet

Steven Nemerovski's political thriller, Third Party: Volume I: Starting in the Middle, tackles the question of why, after over two centuries of existence, America still doesn't have a viable third party system. It ponders what it would take to get a system off the ground and to what lengths the established parties would go to stifle it. And then it attempts to answer those questions and more in a tightly woven political thriller.

Obviously a passion project of Nemerovski's, the language in Third Party is easily accessible to even the most casual purveyor of politics. I enjoyed reading Third Party and, while it starts off a bit slow, Nemerovski spends that time wisely, establishing the characters and the stakes until the reader is fully intrigued by this behind the scenes look into the political machine. Though Starting in the Middle is a work of fiction, it does have a bit of a documentary feel with its focus on emails, news briefings, and telephone calls. However, that focus - while doing a great job of showing the reader the mechanics of an election cycle - also robs the reader of a lot of emotional connection with the characters. And when aspects of Atlas' past come into play, I wasn't as invested as I would have liked. Still, I thought it was a good read. All in all, Third Party: Volume I: Starting in the Middle by Steven Nemerovski is a good read for fans of shows like The West Wing who are looking for their next political fix.

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