Two Tyrants

Author: A.G. Roderick

“Two Tyrants”, by A.G. Roderick, is subtitled: “The Myth of a Two-Party Government and the Liberation of the American Voter.”  True to both its title and sub-title, Roderick paints disturbing picture of the dysfunction and polarization that results from our political duopoly.

“Two Tyrants” is a very thorough, yet terse review of our country’s political dilemma that can be read in one sitting.   I am not sure it brings much new to the table, but in being comprehensive it is an efficient primer.

Unlike many authors who take too much time ranting and too little time providing solutions, Roderick devotes Chapter III to “Roadmap” and his “reform cocktail”.  His solutions primarily focus on ballot access and voting reforms.   Unfortunately, I think his plan relies too heavily on passing legislation.   But, as with many causes identified in our NOTA website, there is no reason his plan cannot also be achieved through ballot initiatives.

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