Stamp Out Incumbency Protection

We believe the underlying causes of dysfunction and polarization are primarily tied to the elements of incumbency protection built into and perpetuated through the legislative process. Incumbent legislators for both parties pass legislation designed to virtually guarantee re-election by making it difficult for challengers to mount effective campaigns.

The major concerns with incumbency protection are:

  1. Campaign Finance: Most campaign finance laws are significantly skewed to the benefit of the incumbents. In almost every race, at every level of government, the incumbent significantly out-raises the opponent in much needed financial resources.
  2. Redistricting: Decennial reappointment and redistricting has reached the point where there are very few competitive seats at the legislative level.
  3. Ballot Access: Ballot access laws are designed to avoid competition by keeping potential opponents off the ballot.
  4. Voting Rights: In many states, restrictive voting rights legislation suppresses voter registration and turn-out.
  5. Other: There are a myriad of other ideas and pathways to improve our political system and government. Our favorites are identified as solutions.

Accordingly, this section of the website is devoted to examining incumbency protection and other factors contributing to dysfunction and polarization while identifying people and pathways currently devoted to curing these problem areas.

Talk about Dysfunction

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