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None of the Above is dedicated to displaying solutions for the dysfunctional political world we live in today.  We have called our own solution Third Party 101 and it is tightly integrated with this website.  However, just because it's None of the Above's solution, that doesn't necessarily mean it's the correct solution for everyone.  We open up our website for you to share your solution.

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Political Parties are fighting each other instead of working together!
Campaign Finance

Most campaign finance laws are significantly skewed to benefit the incumbents. In almost every race, at every level of government, the incumbent significantly out-raises the opponent in much needed financial resources.


Decennial reapportionment and redistricting has reached the point where there are very few competitive seats at the legislative level.

Ballot Access

Ballot access laws are designed to avoid competition by keeping potential opponents off the ballot.

Voting Rights

In many states, restrictive voting rights legislation holds down voter registration and turn-out.

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Third Party, a new fast-paced political thriller series, dives into America’s most fascinating dilemma – why is there no effective, competitive third party in our country?

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