Voting Rights

The issue of “voting rights” refers to any limitation on access to voting and voter turnout, including any attempt to limit the Federal Voting Rights act of 1965.  The concept of restricting voting rights to protect incumbency is an affront to the democratic process.

Under the pretext of preventing nearly nonexistent ‘voter fraud’, the voting rights of Americans are under attack by moneyed interests and their ideological allies. In state after state, legislators are introducing laws that would introduce barriers to voting that would effectively prevent would-be voters from casting ballots.  The proposed changes include restrictions on the types of identification required to obtain a ballot, making it harder for people with felony convictions to vote, limits on early voting and absentee voting, and restrictions on registering to vote.
The Democracy Initiative
America’s electoral system is ramshackle, rife with error, and prone to partisan manipulation. Long lines, voters not on the registration rolls, and broken machines lead to confusion at the polls. As the leading democracy of the world, our voting system should be free, fair, and accessible to all eligible Americans. Every citizen has a responsibility to vote on Election Day. But it is the government’s responsibility to make sure the system works efficiently for those who exercise this responsibility. Those who take the time to participate in democracy are owed at least that much.
  Question: Were you surprised by the new Kentucky Governor's actions regarding voting rights?

Take time to learn what others are doing to prevent voting rights impairment:


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Political Parties are fighting each other instead of working together!
Campaign Finance

Most campaign finance laws are significantly skewed to benefit the incumbents. In almost every race, at every level of government, the incumbent significantly out-raises the opponent in much needed financial resources.


Decennial reapportionment and redistricting has reached the point where there are very few competitive seats at the legislative level.

Ballot Access

Ballot access laws are designed to avoid competition by keeping potential opponents off the ballot.

Voting Rights

In many states, restrictive voting rights legislation holds down voter registration and turn-out.

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