Expert Political Commentator on Government Dysfunction, Legislation and Third Political Parties

For news media members and blog writers looking for a source expert in…

  • How to fix government dysfunction
  • The real reason Democrats and Republicans don’t compromise
  • Why legislation is not progressing/passing
  • Explaining the legislative procedure
  • Why incumbency protection is destroying our political system
  • How to run a successful, grassroots political campaign on the local level
  • How to create an effective, competitive third political party
  • Why the current third parties (Green, Libertarian, etc.) cannot and never will win a national election

…we can provide the expert you need for your story.

His name is Steve “Nemo” Nemerovski. He’s the founder of None of the Above, a nonpartisan organization based in Colorado that identifies, discusses and provides solutions for dysfunction and polarization in the American political system. He’s also president of a lobbying firm. He’s been an adjunct professor at Columbia University (where he taught “Advocacy and The Legislative Process”) and is currently teaching a political course at UCLA. Having spent 30+ years in law, government and politics in various capacities, Professor Nemerovski is intimately acquainted with the inner workings of politics.

When on the speaker circuit, he shares his innovative solutions for fixing the dysfunction and polarization running rampant in our current political system. In addition, he produces the “None of The Above” television programming on Grassroots TV in Aspen, Colorado, and is the author of “Third Party” — a series of political novels.

Please note that None of the Above is nonpartisan and does not takes sides in the political debate. Our mission is simply to provide solutions to fix our broken political system.

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