How Could a Third Political Party Rise to Power? Third Party Novels Offer a Believable Possibility

Speaker, college professor, lobbyist, lawyer and TV show host Steven H. Nemerovski is on a quest to fix this nation’s dysfunctional, polarized political system. His novels are another way for him to get his message out.

Third Party, written by a college professor/lobbyist, are described as political thrillers that offer a glimpse of how a third political party could rise to power and solve the current dysfunction between the Democrats and Republicans.

SNOWMASS VILLAGE, Colorado - Apr. 5, 2018 - 

Given the ever-increasing public frustration with the dysfunction displayed by both political parties in power, the fast-paced, political thriller Third Party novel series by lobbyist Steven H. Nemerovski might provide the solution many earnestly are seeking.

According to a recent Gallop poll, 61 percent of Americans feel the U.S. needs a third party. Democrats and Republicans are split, but more than three-quarters of Independents would prefer a major third party contender emerge. An NBC News/GenForward survey from last November found nearly three-quarters of millennials say that a third political party is needed.

Nemerovski — who’s also a speaker, college professor, lobbyist, lawyer and TV show host — has released the first two books in a three-book series. The first Third Party novel is titled, “Starting in the Middle” and the second, “Strange Bedfellows.” In the books, Nemerovski attempts to answer such questions as why the U.S. doesn’t have an effective, competitive third party; what it would take to get one off the ground; and to what extent the Democrats and Republics would go to prevent a third party.

“Third Party is an intriguing story of commitment, passion and vision,” said Nemerovski, who’s also the founder of None of the Above. “For some, Third Party is political fiction filled with suspense and intrigue. For others, it’s the revelation of how a third party could actually emerge — quickly and victoriously — in the United States.”

Nemerovski knows just how cut-throat would Democrats and Republicans be if threatened by a successful third party launch.

“If either of the two main political parties saw their political dynasty was losing power, you can bet they would use every possible means to fight back and destroy the threat,” he said. “It’s sad but tragically true: Democrats and Republicans think it’s more important to get elected and re-elected, than to govern responsibly. It’s always win-at-all-costs”

Third Party has received many positive reviews.

The late Tom Roeser, a long-time Chicago talk radio host, said, “For a political junkie, Third Party was like opium. I wanted to set my alarm to get up and read it.”

“Part fine political novel, part political handbook, it represents both hope and handbook,” said Chicago Daily Observer Columnist Don Rose.”

Kayti Nika Raet for Readers' Favorite adds, "...a solid, well-crafted story that fans are sure to love."

A Kirkus Review called the second book, “A lively yarn about the gross but tasty sausage-making of politics.”

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The mission of None of the Above (NOTA) is to identify, discuss and provide solutions for dysfunction and polarization in the American political system. NOTA, led by Professor Steven Nemerovski, believes the underlying causes of dysfunction and polarization are primarily tied to the elements of incumbency protection built into and perpetuated through the legislative process. As a nonpartisan organization, NOTA doesn’t advocate on behalf of any party, causes or ideologies; rather the notion that our democratic process will be better served at all levels of government when there is enhanced dialog regarding the critical issues of the day, when this dialog occurs with a heightened sense of civility and respect, and when the system is brought back toward the center. Ultimately, NOTA is dedicated to the proposition that the ever-increasing dysfunction and polarity within our great American experiment in Democracy can be ameliorated with effective, competitive third party politics. NOTA is headquartered in Snowmass, Colorado. For more information, visit:

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