None of the Above TV Show Raises Awareness of US Political Dysfunction and Polarization

The show, hosted by lobbyist and college professor Steve Nemerovski, airs on Grassroots TV in Aspen, Colorado.

The “None of the Above” TV show, hosted by political lobbyist Steve Nemerovski, features guest and their expertise around a variety of political topics.

SNOWMASS VILLAGE, Colorado - Apr. 26, 2018 - 

In an effort to raise awareness of U.S. political dysfunction and polarization and how to solve it, lobbyist Steve Nemerovski created the “None of the Above” television show. He hosts the show on Grassroots TV in Aspen, Colorado.

The first “None of the Above” episode aired on Dec. 20, 2013. The approximately 80 shows completed can be viewed on the None of the Above website and YouTube channel. Recently, new shows are now streamed live on the organization’s Facebook page.

"The show is mostly about how the political system is dysfunctional and polarized, and how we can fix it," said None of the Above Founder Steve Nemerovski. "But we occasionally go outside that box and discuss other topics, for example, philanthropy vs. democracy."

Other topics Nemerovski has discussed include redistricting, voting rights, campaign finance, Obamacare, ballot access, government civility, negative political ads, and more. Of course, None of the Above’s vision of inspiring the creation of an effective, competitive third party is frequently discussed.

His guests, who either appear in-studio or via Skype, have run the gamut. They’ve included: Professor Richard Painter, author of “Taxation Only with Representation"; Ira Shapiro, author of “The Last Great Senate”; Bipartisan Policy Center Senior Fellow Daniel Glickman, an American politician, lawyer, lobbyist, and nonprofit leader, as well as former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture; FairVote Chair Krist Novoselic, also a founding member of the band Nirvana; Matt A. Barreto, a political science and Chicana/o studies professor at UCLA, and the co-founder of the research and polling firm Latino Decisions; Author/Commentator and MSNBC Contributor Charles Sykes; DEMOS President Heather McGhee; along with several political candidates, college professors, and other authors.

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About None of the Above

The mission of None of the Above (NOTA) is to identify, discuss and provide solutions for dysfunction and polarization in the American political system. NOTA, led by Professor Steven Nemerovski, believes the underlying causes of dysfunction and polarization are primarily tied to the elements of incumbency protection built into and perpetuated through the legislative process. As a nonpartisan organization, NOTA doesn’t advocate on behalf of any party, causes or ideologies; rather the notion that our democratic process will be better served at all levels of government when there is enhanced dialog regarding the critical issues of the day, when this dialog occurs with a heightened sense of civility and respect, and when the system is brought back toward the center. Ultimately, NOTA is dedicated to the proposition that the ever-increasing dysfunction and polarity within our great American experiment in Democracy can be ameliorated with effective, competitive third party politics. NOTA is headquartered in Snowmass, Colorado. For more information, visit:

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