Welcome to None Of The Above!

The purpose of this website is to examine the underlying causes of extreme polarization and dysfunction in our political system and to present viable solutions.

It started over 10 years ago with the idea behind the "E Party" series of novels -----designed to explain the need for an effective, competitive third party. From there, we developed the None Of The Above brand as reflected in our television programming on Grassroots TV in Aspen CO. Finally, we developed a website under the "Third Party 101" banner to develop a larger platform for exchanging ideas.

Our website is an extension of all these ideas. In creating NOTA, our goal is to not only present options to fix our political system, but to also encourage our visitors to get involved and stay active; to make a difference. Whether you take the small step of voting regularly or the larger leap of running for political office, our democracy functions best when the electorate is fully engaged.

In our opinion, the greatest causation of dysfunction and polarization derives from what we refer to as "incumbency protection": a rigged system in which incumbents rarely lose elections because of a distorted system of campaign finance, manipulated redistricting and unreasonable limitations regarding both ballot access and voting rights. To that end, we dedicate a section of the website to examining the elements of incumbency protection and solutions needed to avoid these systematic distortions.

Given the extreme advantages and distortions of incumbency protection and the fact that most changes require legislation from the officials who have created and perpetuated these advantages, we believe the most important changes will occur if and when our country has an effective, competitive third political party. To that end, we also dedicate a portion of our website to "Third Party 101" and the third party solution.

The creation of one or more effective, competitive third political parties is our solution to the extreme dysfunction and polarization for various reasons:

  1. By electing third party and independent candidates, the conversation is driven to the political center and away from polarization.
  2. While over 30 states are currently dominated by one political party, in many cases the election of 10 or less third party or independent candidates will reduce the majority party to a plurality party. This shift alone becomes a major engine for change.
  3. Many of the changes need to reform the political system to avoid dysfunction and polarization require legislative action by the entrenched legislators and bureaucrats that have no interest in doing so. Electing third party and independent candidates not only helps drive the conversation to the center, but also creates more opportunity for compromise on essential issues.
  4. Having more third party and independent candidates on the ballot will help avoid the current situation in which the great majority of incumbents run unopposed or, at best, have only token opposition. If nothing else, increased competition will cause the incumbents to become more issue focused and attentive to their fiduciary responsibilities as elected officials.

While visiting our website, we hope you get educated and then get involved! As we say at the end of each of the None Of The Above television shows: "If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!"